Radio Lily broadcasts live daily from Miss Lily’s Variety 130 West Houston Street on the corner of Sullivan Street in New York City. Come visit us!

Miss Lily’s Variety & Bake Shop and Melvin’s Juice Box

Miss Lily’s Variety is an expertly-curated, West Indian record store-themed gallery and boutique. Inspired by their memories of spending hours upon hours “nerding out” about music at record stores in their youth, two of the partners, Serge Becker and Matt Goias pay respectful tribute to the booming musical tradition of the Caribbean with a collector’s paradise of rare and essential Jamaican vinyl.

In addition to the hard-to-find wax, a major focus of the space is to celebrate and honor the rich and vibrant visual vocabulary of the West Indies with a stellar, borderline-obsessive selection of West Indian-inspired apparel, books, jewelry, and gifts. A rotating program of photography, art, and graphics exhibitions will each spawn associated books, prints, and shirts.

The front of Variety is home to Radio Lily, Miss Lily’s internet radio station whose inaugural broadcast featured a performance by legendary reggae icon Jimmy Cliff.

The combined, ever-shifting energy of the store, gallery, and radio station serves to create the ultimate “cultural social club” where creatives from all over can come together, hang out, pontificate, or simply shoot the breeze.

Connected to Miss Lily’s Variety is Miss Lily’s Bake Shop & Melvin’s Juice Box, a casual, Jamaican patty bakery, juice bar, cafe, and take out annex to the famed Miss Lily’s restaurant.

Miss Lily’s Bake Shop serves all the classics of the restaurant menu with an added section of homemade Jamaican patties, Trinidadian rotis, as well as a large selection of salads and vegetarian options. As with any true Bake Shop, it will also feature a variety of sweet and savory baked goods. All the items are available for take out, delivery or in-house consumption in the bright, cheerful, and airy cafe space.

Surely one of the main attractions of this fun new space will be the addition of Melvin’s Juice Box, the first venture of downtown juicing legend Melvin Major jr. A 20-year veteran of the fresh juice scene, Melvin has garnered a cult following with his amazing juices and always-sunny disposition at Greenwich Village’s Lifethyme Market. Now, in this beautiful new location, his fans will be able to sit, enjoy the juices, and mingle with the eclectic and colorful Miss Lily’s crowd. To top it all off, the coffee program will feature the daily fresh roasts of Dumbo’s Brooklyn Roasting Company. The expert barista team will hand-brew and pull the most delicious aromatic coffees in the Soho Area. The crown jewel of the featured blends will be the impossibly smooth and well-balanced Miss Lily’s exclusive house brew, the “Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend.”
This trifecta of treats will surely make this little room the perfect compliment to the stylish store in front.

A portion of all Miss Lily’s Variety sales go to the Rockhouse Foundation, a US registered charity that transforms the places where Jamaica’s children learn and supports the people who teach them.